Geodetic Surveying In Australia


I worked for the Australian Government Department of National Development, Division of  National  Mapping (NATMAP) as a Surveying Assistant in 1965 - 1967 before becoming an Air Traffic Controller for 35 years, working all over Australia and 7 other countries.


Recently I discovered my old hoard of black & white photos I took with a  $2 plastic Kodak 127 camera during my travels around Northern Australia whilst with NATMAP.  Hopefully some of my old workmates will spot this site sometime.  I've done my best remembering names & places, so hope not too many errors !

These are the guys I worked with, hopefully correct & none forgotten :


Reg Ford  (Team Leader)      Eddy Ainscow

Peter Langhorne                  Dave Roberts

David Hutton                       Ian Munro

Russel Gray                       Pete Symons

Lachie Wilson                     Ken Beanland

Mike Stevens                     John Eaton

Eddy Skeen


Please contact me at :  [email protected]

I currently live in central Victoria, Australia

All the very best,  Keith Williams